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Generation What?

There are a lot of different names used to describe the Generation which was born in the 80s and 90s, the Generation which became adults at the turn of the millennium. In English, we use the terms, ‘Generation Y’, or ‘Millenials’. I haven’t heard a Welsh term for this Generation, but this project gives us a great opportunity to discover more about them. The European project is called ‘Generation What’ and our Welsh name mixes French and Welsh to create ‘ Generation Beth’.

Cynog PrysSo who are they? They are young adults (or comparitively young) by now, but what do we know about them? Is this a fortunate generation like the ‘baby boomers’? Or is this the generation which will be forced to repay the national debt, but at the same time be unable to afford to buy a home for themselves and their family? Will this generation retire at 55 or will they be working in front of their computers until they are 70?

One thing which is sure is that this generation is living through a period of huge social change. Climate change, technological change, change in Europe and changes to our communities. But what about gender issues? What is the status of women in this generation? What about poverty? Have there been any changes to salaries of disadvantaged members of society, or, do old money and connections ensure power, money and opportunities for the privileged members of our community?

This S4C project lets us get to know this generation, and not just in Wales. This is an ambitious project with partners across Europe, undertaken in many different languages, including Welsh. You can take part in the research via a survey on the amazing website and compare your answers with people from other countries. Try and catch the fascinating video clips which allow you to watch others answer the same questions in their own words. By the end of the project, we’ll know more about this Generation, the Generation What?