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Data, Data, Data

Generation What has gone live across Europe, and almost 400,000 people have completed the survey in 18 different countries. This figure is quite remarkable. As a sociologist it’s fantastic to have access to such data! So, what does it look like from the Welsh side of the project? The survey has been open over the past 3 days, and has been filled by almost 700 individuals so far – good start!

The project is held all over Europe, with 14 European broadcasting companies there to help promote and make sure we collect enough data to be able to make a statistical analysis of it. The last time I collected survey form data, I had 12 students standing on the corner of a street in the cold, wet February weather. The size of this project and the data that will be collected will be very different.

We need as many people as possible to take part, and you can also take a look and analyse the data for yourself. Click on ‘Europe – Compare viewed countries’ to see the map.